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SEO Audit

Q: What does an SEO audit actually do?
A: It’s a how-to guide to getting the most out of your website. We identify exactly what is holding your site back from reaching more customers. 

Q: Will an SEO audit make a difference?
A: Definitely. It’s like having a health check-up for your business’s online presence. By understanding its current state, we can strengthen and improve its health, leading to better online visibility and growth.

Q: Is an SEO audit complex to understand?
A: Not at all. We break down the technical stuff into easy-to-understand points, like a coach explaining a game plan. You’ll know exactly what steps we’ll take to boost your website’s performance. 

In fact, if you choose to, you can take the information and implement it yourself. 

Content & Copywriting

Q: How will this help attract more customers to my website?
A: Think of your website’s content & copy like a shop window. Just as a vibrant, inviting window display draws people into a store, great content pulls visitors into your website.

Q: How does better content help my business?
A: Great content is like a friendly, knowledgeable salesperson who tells your brand’s story, answers questions, and builds trust. Your customers will see you as an authority. 

Q: Can content & copy really improve my sales?
A: Absolutely. Engaging content & copy is like a magnet. It attracts and holds the attention of potential customers, guiding them along a path that leads to choosing your products or services.

Keyword Research

Q: What exactly does keyword research do?
A: Think of it as looking directly at what people are Googling when it comes to your industry. If they Google these words and you don’t come up, then your customers don’t even get a chance to meet you. 

Q: Can the right keywords improve my business?
A: Absolutely. Using the right keywords is like planting a signpost that guides customers directly to your business. It makes your website more visible to those who are searching for exactly what you offer.

Q: What do you do with the keywords? 
After doing keyword research, we then strategically sprinkle them throughout your website, and plan your content around these words. However, we can’t just spam them. Google is too smart for that 😉


Q: How do PPC ads work for an online store?
A: PPC ads for an online store work by directly connecting your products with customers at the moment they’re searching on Google. 

Q:Will PPC ads make a real difference to my e-commerce sales?

A: Absolutely. PPC ads are a powerful tool for featuring your products on Google’s Shopping carousel. This visibility is crucial as it places your products front and center where they are most likely to be seen and clicked on by shoppers who are ready to buy.

Q: What is the Google Shopping Carousel?A: This carousel is a visual display of products that appears at the top of Google’s search results when someone searches for an item. It showcases product images, prices, and the store name, making it an eye-catching and convenient way for shoppers to browse and compare products directly from the search page.


Local SEO

Q: Why doesn’t my business show up when local customers search online?
A: Your business needs to be optimized for local search. That’s where Local SEO comes in. It’s about making your business visible to people searching in your area.

Q: How does Local SEO work?
A: It’s simple. We focus on where your business is and who your local customers are. We make sure your business shows up on local searches, maps, and directories.

Q: Will Local SEO get me more customers?
A: Absolutely. When local shoppers search for what you offer, they’ll find you. That means more people walking through your door.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Q: Why should I grow my LinkedIn profile?
A: In today’s market, personal branding is soaring, with LinkedIn at the forefront at almost 1 billion users strong. A staggering 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, making it a goldmine for professional opportunities. 

Q: How can ghostwriting help my LinkedIn profile?
Think of it as having a skilled speechwriter. Our service provides words that echo your voice and expertise, transforming your LinkedIn profile and posts into compelling and authoritative content. Say good bye to posting paralysis!  

Q: Will ghostwriting be authentic to me and my business?
A: Yes, it will be. We are trained to learn your unique voice, ensuring the content is a true reflection of your message and expertise. It’s your professional narrative, polished and presented with clarity.

Custom AI Chatbot Development

Q: What are chatbots and why should I use them in my business?
A: Chatbots are like friendly AI assistants on your website or social media. They talk to customers, answer questions, and guide them 24/7. 

Q: Can chatbots really help my business grow?
A: Yes! Chatbots are like having an always-on salesperson. They engage customers, answer queries, and can increase sales by up to 67%. We train them on your brand, so that they represent you well. Now there’s more time to start learning that language you’ve been eyeing ;). 

Are chatbots complicated to set up?
A: Not with us. Think of us as your tech team. We handle the setup and maintenance, making sure your chatbot works smoothly to serve your customers’ needs. It’s like adding a super-efficient team member without the complexity.

Experiential Marketing Advisory

Q: What is experiential marketing? 
A: Imagine turning your marketing into a live event. Pop-Up shops, product demos, brand activation events, virtual reality experiences, live streaming, photo booths, and mobile tours are just some of the options you have for experiential marketing. 

Q: How does experiential marketing impact customer relationships?
A: It’s like building friendships rather than making sales pitches. Experiential marketing fosters deeper emotional connections between your brand and customers. 65% of brand owners who use experiential marketing as a marketing strategy see a boost in sales.


Website Creation

Q: Do I really need a website?

A: Great question! The answer is it depends, however having a website is like owning digital real estate. 

Q: What do you mean?
A: One of the big differences between physical real estate and digital real estate is that you have much more control over how much your real estate is worth. The more traffic for your website, the more it is worth. All other platforms (Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Instagram, etc…) you are just renting.